Working with live action in Blender


Recently I have been working on several interesting projects involving live action footage and tracking in Blender. Here are a few examples of what that looks like.

Lets use this slideshow template as an example.

After assembling the scene, and getting the camera and lighting set properly so that there is minimal movement and changing contrast, the filming is fairly simple. The important thing is to make sure the tracking texture is blocked as little as possible while swiping through the slideshow.

Here is an example of the footage before tracking and compositing.

Using the crosses as tracking markers, it is then fairly easy to track the movement of the image elements in Blender to the footage motion.

The compositing step is important not only for color grading, but also for needed effects. For example for this project I needed to remove the Samsung branding from this phone. Using a mask and a single carefully re-painted frame I was able to remove it efficiently.

Screenshot 2017-02-24 09.26.40.png

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